Aviation Medical Exam Scheduling, Important Information, And FAQs

👋 If you would like to schedule an exam, please use the calendar below. If you would like to learn more information about why Aviation Medical Exams are important, who needs them, other important information before you schedule your appointment, and other FAQs please scroll to the bottom of the page or click here.

Important Information About Aviation Medical Exams (AMEs)...

1️⃣ - Checklist For Your Aviation Medical Exam

☑️ Schedule and pay for your appointment using the online calendar (above).

☑️ If you cannot schedule for some reason, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Brauer at 920-288-2423.

☑️ Complete Form 8500 at the MedXpress website and bring your confirmation number to your appointment. 

☑️ Bring one form of an official ID, either your US Driver's License or Passport to your exam.

☑️ If you have an existing aviation medical certificate, please bring this with you to your exam.

☑️ Arrive to your appointment as hydrated as possible. You will need to submit a urine sample during your exam.

☑️ If you have reading glasses, please bring them to your exam.

2️⃣ - The Purpose Of Your FAA Medical Certification

The FAA has determined that all airmen shall be examined to determine their fitness for aviation duty.  

In addition to certain exclusionary criteria, the FAA is interested in determining if the airman is likely to become incapacitated during the course of his duty.  With these goals in mind, the FAA requires Aviation Medical Examiners to address the following questions:

• Are any medical exclusionary conditions present?
• Does the airman present any condition that might reasonably result in incapacitation?
• Are other factors present which may affect the airman in the duties for which he is applying?

➡️ Click this link to go to "Pilot Medical Certification Questions and Answers" on the FAA website.

3️⃣ - Scheduling Your FAA Airman Medical Examination

NOTAM: The FAA now requires online completion of form 8500 via MedXpress. Dr. Brauer will not be able to complete your exam if you fail to complete these steps prior to your appointment! Also, at this time we only offer 2nd and 3rd class examinations.

1. Please use the online scheduling calendar (above) to schedule your appointment.
2. Click here to go to the MedXpress website and complete and submit Form 8500 on their website, and bring your confirmation number to your appointment.
3. If you made any errors on Form 8500 you will be allowed to revise your information during your consultation with Dr. Brauer.

* If you have any questions if you should get a consultation or an exam please call Dr. Brauer at  920-288-2423.

4️⃣ - Explanation Of No Doctor Patient Relationship

Ernesto Brauer, MD, AME, is a designee of the Federal Aviation Administration and is empowered to determine if a medical certificate can safely be granted for aviation duty.

No doctor/patient relationship exists between Pilot and AME.  The AME is serving a regulatory role and is NOT serving as a personal physician. No doctor/patient relationship exists between the Pilot and Dr Ernesto Brauer; nor will the practice maintain records related to the FAA exam.  The practice is providing a setting for performance of exams for the benefit of the aviation community.

The AME has no duty of confidentiality; any information learned about the applicant is required to be made part of the disclosure to and is reported to the Federal Aviation Administration.