Before your exam, it is REQUIRED that you do the following...

  •  Complete Form 8500 at the MedXpress website and bring your confirmation number to your appointment. 
  • Bring one form of an official ID, either your US Driver's License or Passport to your exam.
  • If you have an existing aviation medical certificate, please bring this with you to your exam.
  • Arrive to your appointment as hydrated as possible. You will need to submit a urine sample during your exam.
  • If you wear glasses please bring them to your exam. If you wear contacts, please wear them to your exam and bring a contacts case along with contact solution.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Brauer at 920-288-2423.
  • We are located at 2131 Airport Drive, Ashwaubenon, WI 54313.

 📍 We are located at 2131 Airport Drive, Ashwaubenon, WI 54313
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Ernesto Brauer, MD, AME, is a designee of the Federal Aviation Administration and is empowered to determine if a medical certificate can safely be granted for aviation duty.

No doctor/patient relationship exists between Pilot and AME.  The AME is serving a regulatory role and is NOT serving as a personal physician. No doctor/patient relationship exists between the Pilot and Dr Ernesto Brauer; nor will the practice maintain records related to the FAA exam.  The practice is providing a setting for performance of exams for the benefit of the aviation community.

The AME has no duty of confidentiality; any information learned about the applicant is required to be made part of the disclosure to and is reported to the Federal Aviation Administration.